Features HDX182 available from Roeder Implement, Iowa



Case IH HDX 2 sicklebar header uses a counter-stroking action of dual sickles to shear crop cleanly while a floating auger keeps the crop moving smoothly.



HDX 2 Series sicklebar headers feature a conditioning system that is built to work in heavy crop conditions. Conditioning rolls crimp stems thoroughly for fast drydown. Roll pressure system uses a torsion bar, allowing conditioning rolls to automatically separate to clear slugs.



HDX 2 sicklebar headers use a unique floating auger to keep the crop moving smoothly to the conditioning rolls.



Skid shoes feature five position adjustments. Combine this with the hydraulic adjustable header and you can adjust guard angle and cut height from 1.2 - 6.2 in. (30.5 - 157 mm).



Tailor the Case IH HDX 2 sicklebar header to suit your crops and conditions.

Available options for the WD 3 and HDX 2 Series: