Features 2606 available from Roeder Implement, Iowa

Point-to-point, pinching stalk rolls Power Feed corn stalks directly into the path of rotating disk blades (2,880 rpm). Blades chop nearly the full length of the stalk rolls, for a consistent 3 - 4-in. (79 - 102-mm) length of cut.
Longer, larger diameter stalk rolls are designed for greater capacity, allowing for faster harvest speeds and consistent crop residue size, even in the highest-yielding crops.
Other features:


Case IH 2600 chopping corn heads are equipped with a heavier capacity independent gear box for each row. And, you can switch the chopping mechanism on or off independently of the rest of the corn head, when chopping of stalks is not needed.



Low profile dividers effectively hug the ground, giving you more ears in the header for increased grain savings. Divider height is adjustable.

Composed of polyethylene, Case IH chopping corn head dividers are more durable than metal. And, because the polyethylene outer dividers reduce ear bounce, grain loss is minimized.

Optional hydraulic driven spiral end dividers pick up downed corn stalks and gently guide them into the corn head, delivering every ear to the combine without ear toss or kernel loss at the head.